How many prints are included?

Unlimited! our bookings are based on the amount of time booked.  We have some of the fastest printers on the market that can crank out prints as fast as your guests can snap pics.

Can strips and layouts be customized?

We offer a wide variety of options that are ready to go with some custom text or a logo.  If none of our library fits your need we have a design team ready to build a complete layout from scratch to make the exact look you want.

Do have insurance?

We are covered by general liability and workers compensation policies and happy to send proof or further information as required.

Yes we offer the option to add idle time between open hours for a reduced rate.

Can we split time of our rental?

Yes we include an assortment of props with every booking, if you have a theme or ideas to help us pick the right selection let us know.  We also offer premium props as an add on as well, these are awesome higher quality packages to match your theme and ensure your guests have a blast!

Are props included?

We typically setup 60-90 minutes before, the actual time may vary depending on the venue and event.  If you have specific load-in/out requirements don't hesitate to mention them.

How long before the event do you setup?

Yes, Our Booths are virtually maintenance free. In the unlikely event we have to service the booth during your event please give us ten minutes to do so. If it takes longer than ten minutes we will refund you $5 for each additional minute up to the full rental price of the booth.

Do you have a performance guarantee?

Our standard photobooths require a 6x4 ft space and access to a normal power outlet (we bring extension cables)  Our other services such as the green screen photo experience occupy a larger footprint, our sales staff will gladly make sure we have the right equipment and form factor for your venue and event needs.

How much space is required for the photobooth?

Please let us know as soon as you can. The retainer is non-refundable. If you cancel with 15 days, you are responsible for the entire balance.

What if we cancel your services?

Yes we can shut down and move (such as having it open in a cocktail hour area and moving to a reception area)  There will be an amount of down time that could be 30minutes to an hour depending on the move (there isn't a charge).

Can my booth or photo service move during the event?

Yes just give us a call or email and we will gladly remove images or change gallery settings, you can also let us know to password or not post galleries while you are in the process of booking our services.

Can I remove photos or password galleries?

Certainly! we love hearing feedback, if they are available for your date we will gladly staff them for your event.

Can I request an awesome attendant from an event?